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Experience Analytics with Flutura

Want to see insights from your data? We’re happy to analyze the data and find actionable insights for free.
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How it works

You send us your data to be analysed at We send you a report that highlights key insights and hidden opportunities within 2 weeks.

What to expect
  • Interesting Insights
  • Key Causal Factors
  • Recommendation
  • Data Segmentation
  • Reduced Power Losses for leading utility company

    Mined Smart Meter data
    from 10,000,000 households in real-time
    to reduce Energy Leakage
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  • Ensuring Safety in a U.S based Oil and Gas Company

    Mining rig based sensor machine and
    human generated data to reduce Health,
    Safety & Environmental risk
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  • Making Buildings Energy Efficient

    Tamed billions of events from 65,000 connected
    buildings in Dubai to see patterns for risk
    mitigation and Efficient Energy utilization
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