Oil and Gas|Case Study

Cerebra creating game changing impact on upstream outcomes

The Client

Global leader engaged in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of technologically sophisticated systems and products for the oil and gas industry

Deep expertise across subsea, onshore/offshore and surface projects

The Problem

Customer required real time visibility into the health of the Early Production System(EPS)

Too many signals to process and human eyes were missing anomalies leading to performance degradation.

Decreased productivity and project profitability as there was no detailed sensor intelligence or equipment diagnostics

Flutura's approach

Deployed Digital twin module for easy configuration of multiple subsystems of EPS on Cerebra
Deployed advanced diagnostics module for real-time detection of performance deviations which decreased the unplanned downtime
Deployed Cerebra’s prognostic module for detecting early warning signals using vessel pressure, flow rate, etc enabling field engineers take proactive actions


Reduction in latency for detecting performance deviations


Reduction in Non-Productive Time over 12 months time

2 weeks

Cerebra configured and went live in 2 weeks.